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Greenwich Lane Construction's Falling Plywood Kills Woman

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Just as a pane of glass fell from skyscraper One57 and hit a car (only the third time that has happened, no big deal), on Tuesday winds blew a piece of plywood off of a Greenwich Village construction site, which then hit and killed a 37-year-old woman walking by on 12th Street. UPDATE: The woman has been identified, oh so cruelly, as a real estate agent who had moved to New York eight months prior. The Greenwich Lane is the full-block luxury condo development replacing St. Vincent's Hospital between 11th and 12th streets from Seventh Avenue to Sixth Avenue; it's made up of five buildings and five townhouses. That's a lot of construction happening in the area, and the risk to pedestrians multiplies when you consider the New York City's in the middle of a massive development boom. In short, please do watch out for objects flying off in-progress buildings, because the danger is real.
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