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Craigslist Sublet Ad Is NOT Down with You Having Sex

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Brick Underground spotted this gem of a Craigslist sublet ad for a $700/month room in Flatbush, which reads like it was written by the reverend from Footloose, or by a recruiter for an extra-uptight version of the FBI. "Other tenant was asked to move because she got careless and started to fail these requirements" is a sentence that appears in the first paragraph. Things do not get chiller from there.

SINGLE- room is for one person, one person only, and by one we mean uno, singular, a sole human being. ONE. The first number after zero, 1. Apartment is small, room is sized for ONE person. If you do plan on having guests about 5 times per month will be limit, and this is true. will be counted. NO IN AND OUTS. if you have a significant other I hope you're already use to going to their place. It's unclear if "no in and outs" is referring to guests who stay for short periods of time, or a literal description of sexual intercourse, or both. Probably both. The final requirement is "NO DRUNKS/DRUGGIES," in case there was any doubt.
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