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New Yorkers Have the Longest Commute In the Country

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Does it feel like you spend half your life on the subway, schlepping to work? Well, you don't, but New Yorkers do spend more time commuting and working than any other city in America. A new report from City Comptroller Scott Stringer found that New York residents have the longest commute times in America, which, in turn, makes New Yorkers' work weeks the longest in the nation. The report looked at data for the country's 30 largest cities, and it found that residents of the five boroughs spend an average of more than 49 hours commuting and working every week, while other cities average 46 hours, 48 minutes. In some cities, it's significantly less; those lazy people (jokes!) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have a work week of about 45 hours and spend just 3 hours per week commuting. New Yorkers spend more than six hours getting to and from work each week. But hey, at least that long commute saves money on rent...kind of.

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