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Heiress Sues Trump International for $161K Over Burst Pipe

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Sara Bronfman, daughter of the late billionaire whiskey magnate Edgar Bronfman, is suing her former condo board at the Trump International for $161,000 over a burst pipe. The pipe in question burst in February 2013, a year before Bronfman unloaded her 33rd-floor three-bedroom apartment for $8.8 million. (She had purchased it in 2006, paying $6.5 million.) Bronfman claims that the pipe was behind a wall, making it the building's responsibility, but when she wanted to sell the board strong-armed her into putting the entire disputed amount (which included paying for a hotel room for the inhabitants of the apartment directly below hers and paying for laundry for the resident of another affect apartment) in escrow.

The board claims that the pipe was below Bronfman's sink. In the most recent listing photos, the kitchen is pictured, but the sink is not. As both the Daily News and the Post point out, Bronfman is known for having given over $100 million of her fortune to what the former generously calls "a guru-led group ... which preaches how to achieve self-discovery," and the latter ungenerously calls "a mysterious cult," so she should probably be okay regardless of how this shakes out.
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