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Sleek Soho Penthouse Seeks Additional $9M After Two Years

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This Soho duplex's "crisp" and "dramatic" living room was not enough to woo its most recent buyer for more than two years. Alas, the penthouse of 94 Thomspon Street (aka 420 West Broadway) is back, asking $19.75 million. The apartment, with absurd mouthfuls of bespoke details—à la the listing's brokerbabble—like "hand crafted custom ebonized Larch wood millwork cabinetry" and "honed volcanic basalt stone slab floor" most recently sold for $10.6 million in October 2012, meaning its owner is seeking an 86% markup in price on the three-bedroom pad. To be fair, it appears that they did add two bathrooms, but is that really worth $9.145 million? Maybe the seller's just trying to make back what they spent on Windex over the last two years.

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