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Tribeca Mansion In the Sky Finally Finds a Buyer After 9 Years

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Brace, people: after no less than nine years on the market, the bonkers five-story penthouse of 60 Warren Street has officially sold. One of the city's largest, longest-listed apartments, the penthouse hit public record somehow nabbing the full $24.5 million it most recently was asking. NYO caught the sale in public records and notes that the home's seller, ceramic model entrepreneur Edward Bazinet, made some earlier remarks about how the 10,991-square-foot space was "too big for two people" and that it was "not comfortable," which probably had a little something to do with why it sat on the market for over 3,000 days. The buyer is shielded by LLC "Mavis Skarloey," which oddly enough is an indirect reference to Thomas the Tank Engine. It sounds like whoever bought this apartment thinks they can, thinks they can make it a cozy home.

When the apartment first appeared in 2006, it was asking $28.5 million. How's this for mind-numbing?: the owner before Bazinet bought the palatial apartment for a mere $6.1 million in 2000. Here's a list of comparable things this apartment is larger than: the One 57 penthouse, the Panorama of the City of New York, Brooklyn's most expensive townhouse (x2).
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60 Warren Street

60 Warren Street, New York, NY