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First Look: ODA's Condos, Affordable Housing in Hell's Kitchen

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New York YIMBY has the full rendering reveal and intel on a new building headed for West 43rd Street between Tenth and Eleventh avenues. Developer El Ad Group is putting up condos and affordable housing on a platform above the Amtrak tracks; there would be 106 apartments, and 26 of them would be affordable. It wouldn't be that vertically prominent—only 15 stories at its tallest point—and amenities are pretty basic: bike storage; a rec room; and 23 parking spots. Permits haven't been approved yet, so this is all preliminary, but it looks a lot less boxy that ODA Architecture's other projects in progress.
· Revealed: 505 West 43rd Street, ODA-Designed Midtown West Residential Development [YIMBY]