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'Sexy' Broker Ryan Serhant Strips to Sell One57 Apartment

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Million Dollar Listing New York broker Ryan Serhant has bared it all for Flaunt Magazine in what appears to be an effort to a) sell his two-bedroom, two-bathroom One 57 listing, b) further his acting career, and c) spew droll maxims about selling real estate. In step with four other brokers profiled in the article "My Other Home is Spiritual Fulfillment"—zing—Serhant forthrightly told the online and print publication his theories surrounding exorbitantly expensive apartments, accompanied by a photo shoot wherein he appears mostly unclothed in said One 57 apartment. "Misery loves company" Serhant says about employing his acting skills whilst catering to his (often very wealthy) clients, "We treat everybody the exact same way. Ryan—the Ryan that everybody gets is catered towards their characters. It's an improvisation." "Sexy" Serhant, as dubbed by In Touch, will also continue to hustle on the small and silver screen.

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