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Queens' Most Expensive Apartment Is Back, Pricier Than Ever

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Penthouse A in Long Island City's The View captured the title of Queens' most expensive apartment last April when it was listed for $5.388 million, beating out the $3.58 million unit in the same building that had been listed less than a month prior. Now, after being pricechopped down to $4.998 million and finally being taken off the market a little over a month ago, Penthouse A is back, asking $5.398 million, beating its own record by a mere $10,000. (That's another whole $5 per square foot.) Nothing about the apartment appears to be different—the listing photos, at least, are the same ones—so it remains to be seen if the penthouse will have more luck in 2015 than it did in 2014.

· Listing: 4630 Center Boulevard #PHA [Nestseekers, via Streeteasy]
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