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Just How Bad Are Things in New York City's Public Libraries?

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Another of those reports has come out that catalogues just how desperate the situation is at New York City's public libraries, and—guess what—it is still very desperate. Some of the more notably in-dire-straits branches include Ulmer Park Library in Brooklyn, where the roof leaks so much that employees have cover the books with ripped up garbage bags when it rains, Melrose Library in the Bronx, which is completely inaccessible to people in wheelchairs, Port Richmond Library in Staten Island, where the pipes frequently burst, and Brownsville Library in Brooklyn, which has no air conditioning and is forced to close on hot days. The libraries say, as they have said in the past, that they need $1.1 billion in capital repairs; in Mayor de Blasio's preliminary capital plan, which was released last month, they are allotted $62.3 million, a $10 million decrease from last year.
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