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This Futuristic Map Makes NYC Look Like a Game of Pac Man

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If maneuvering through New York City doesn't already inspire Pac Man-like walking hallucinations, this "Vector" map by Mapzen may reinvigorate those visuals. The futuristic moving map, first spotted by CityLab, is like a mash-up of Pac Man meets truly timeless 1982 flick Tron (the sequels don't count). The map uses OpenStreetMap data to visualize the city's jutting skyscrapers and simulates a traffic flow that looks akin to, as per CityLab, "a lit-up circuit board that's crawling with radioactive ants." To see any particular city, just add its coordinates to the end of the URL, like "tronish.yaml#15/41.8918/-87.6325" for Chicago.

↑ Can you guess where this is?
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