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20th St. Park Up For City Money; 345 Carroll Street 70% Sold

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[Images via Friends of 20th Street Park and James Khamsi.]

CHELSEA—The nonexistent 20th Street Park has landed a major opportunity to become not nonexistent. The park has been selected as a potential recipient of some of the city's $25 million participatory budgeting pie. Community members of Manhattan district 3 are invited to vote on whether they think the pocket park, and other selected projects are worthy of public funding. Voting will take place April 11 through 19. More details here. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]

CARROLL GARDENS/GOWANUS—The Sterling Equities-developed condo building at 345 Carroll Street is now 70-percent sold. Sales launched at the 32-apartment development in September. Remaining apartments include the $1.685 million 2BR/2BA apartment 3F and the $3.325 million 4BR/3.5BA Penthouse C. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]