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Ten Bizarre Robert Durst Facts, Thanks To His Hearing in NOLA

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One of the more bizarre stories coming out of New Orleans right now is perhaps its most loosely related to the city itself. Last week, eccentric former real estate developer Robert Durst was arrested at the JW Marriott and charged with a Los Angeles murder that happened years ago, along with weapons charges. It's the latest in Durst's spectacular fall from real estate heir to accused criminal, all while being the subject of an HBO documentary that happened to capture what just may be a confession.

Durst was allegedly attempting to flee to Cuba because New Orleans is one of the lucky few airports with flights headed to Havana. He returned to the spotlight in his OPP best for a hearing this morning to determine his bond for the aforementioned weapons charges. He'll be back in court on Thursday, April 2. Until then, here are the stranger (and creepier) details gleaned from Durst's courtroom appearance.

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