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David Copperfield Floods Apartment Building in Non-Trick

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The Galleria is no longer one of the most expensive condo towers on 57th Street, but it may now be the wettest, as the rooftop pool in illusionist David Copperfield's 8,000-square-foot penthouse "spontaneously burst earlier this month," flooding the building. Don't worry, though: Copperfield's collection of vintage Coney Island arcade machines was unharmed. "David thinks he really dodged a bullet here," his lawyer told the Post. The people who live below him, however, did not—the water from the pool reached as far down as the 20th floor (30 stories below the penthouse) and knocked out the building's elevators. Asked if he expects lawsuits from the other residents, the lawyer responded, "This is New York City, so nothing would surprise us." Right, because only in New York are people crazy enough to sue a famous magician who floods their apartments with his exploding pool. In the Midwest they just let stuff like that slide.
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