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7 Train Extension Opening Delayed Again, Surprising No One

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MTA officials are now saying that July is the earliest the 7 train extension could be ready to open, after the previous round of delays had pushed it back to the second quarter of 2015 (after the ones before that pushed it back to February, et cetera, et cetera). For those of you keeping track at home, the single-station extension was originally supposed to open by the end of 2013 and this is its (approximately) one hundred million billionth delay. Though the station is basically finished, as evidenced by photos the MTA has released (pdf), what's holding the completion date back now are the fire alarms and communication systems, which still need to be tested. Looking ahead to the next round of delays, work on the Hudson Yards megaproject above the station continues apace and foundation work on Site J may conflict with the MTA's schedule.

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Hudson Yards

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