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30 Park Place Construction Watch; See Rizzoli's New Space

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FIDI/TRIBECA—Although it won't be complete until mid-2016, Larry Silverstein's sky-grazing pillar at 30 Park Place is looking pret-ty far along these days. New photos by Flickr user Tectonic show that a decent portion of the building is now covered in Robert A.M. Stern's signature limestone look; the developer and architect opted for a concrete imitation this go around, unlike with RAMSA's über pricey limestone-sheathed 15 Central Park West. According to StreetEasy, of the building's 110 active sales, only 12 are not in contract. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]

NOMAD—One of last year's biggest preservation upsets, the demolition of 57th Street's beautiful and lauded Rizzoli Bookstore to make room for a "seven-star" hotel, hasn't stopped the institution from planting new roots. The bookstore is making progress on its new space, seen below, in Nomad's St. James Building. It's no replica of its former self (at least yet,) but its spirit lives on. [Twitter; previously]

Maybe a few of the former store's chandeliers will do the trick.

30 Park Place

30 Park Place, New York, NY