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Crown Heights Rezoning Fight Continues at Community Board

Probably the most contentious community board battle of the past year has been playing out at Brooklyn's Community Board 9, where the existence of a letter to City Planning requesting a zoning study of Prospect Lefferts Gardens has led to the formation of the anti-development group Movement to Protect the People (MTOPP). MTOPP and the Community Board have been going at it since September, when the group hijacked a meeting and turned it into a yelling match that ended with police getting involved. The controversial letter was supposed to be voted on at a meeting last night but, in classic Community Board 9 fashion, the vote didn't happen because a previous vote in the land-use committee turned out to be invalid—the committee had allowed non-members to vote, and took the vote after the meeting had already been adjourned. The meeting also included MTOPP calling for the District Attorney to investigate Borough President Eric Adams for allegedly violating the rules of community board appointments, and what Brownstoner describes as "a fracas over holding public meetings on religious holidays." In other words, business as usual at CB9. All in all, it sounds like one of their less eventful meetings.
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