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Historical Empire State Building Print; Hospital For Sale

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THE INTERNET—An original 4 ft. x 5 ft. gelatine silver print of an Ernest Sisto photograph that once covered The New York Times has appeared on eBay (h/t tipster). "It probably hung at The New York Times where the photo ran on the cover in 1945," writes the seller, who is asking $2,000. The print shows the facade of the Empire State Building after a small plane B-25 bomber struck its 78th and 79th floors one evening in 1945. [CurbedWire inbox; eBay]

FOREST HILLS—The for-sale Parkway Hospital at 7035 113th Street is being marketed as a luxury residential conversion. The 107,000-square-foot hospital building has been vacant since 2008. After its shuttering, the site was picked up by Ilio Mavlyanov's Jasper Venture Group with plans to redevelop the space into condos. The firm says it's offloading the property to focus on other developments. Sources cited by TRD believe the property could fetch around $25 million. [CurbedWire inbox; TRD]