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$77.5M Fifth Avenue Pad Is NYC's Most Expensive Co-op Ever

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For the third time in less than a year, the record for the most expensive co-op ever sold in New York has been broken. The title-stealer this time is a 14-room duplex at 834 Fifth Avenue, which closed for a whopping $77.5M (h/t 6sqft). The sale ousts a $71.3M duplex at 740 Park, which ousted the $70M penthouse at 960 Fifth Avenue, which ousted the $54M 20-room penthouse of 785 Fifth Avenue. The seller, billionaire New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, had reportedly been shopping the place around for $80M. The buyer is Ukrainian billionaire Leonard Blavatnik, who is very familiar with New York's luxury real estate market.

Blavatnik's other properties are also on the Upper East Side, they include: the city's widest mansion on East 63rd Street (pricetag: $31.25M); a palatial apartment at 998 Fifth Avenue ($27M), and Edgar Bronfman's East 64th Street townhouse ($51M). (That's doesn't include a brief flirtation with the Mark's $60M penthouse.)
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834 Fifth Avenue

834 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY