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Al Capone's House In-Depth; Ark House Lists for $8.2 Million

And now, the latest from our outpost in the sixth borough, Curbed Miami...

1) Miami Shores: Bunny Yeager, the pioneering pin-up girl and photographer who made Betty Page famous, died last year and her Miami Shores house has finally sold, for $540,000.

2) Palm Island: Mobster and legendary Miami Beach resident (when he wasn't in Chicago, or Alcatraz) Al Capone's house has been meticulously restored.

3) Golden Beach: A house that looks like a cross between an noah's ark, a Daniel Libeskind design, and a glass iceberg, has hit the market for $8.2 million.

4) Miami Beach: The Miami Beach Botanical Garden hosted an annual tour of six gorgeous private gardens across the beach. Here they are.