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Stringer: City is Terrible at Keeping Track of Its Real Estate

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When not coolin' with Lena Dunham, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer is one lean, mean, auditing machine, and he recently set his sights on the Department of Citywide Administrative Services. Lo and behold, it turns out New York's primary property manager is really awful at its job, consistently failing to keep track of the 19 million square feet of city-owned real estate it oversees.

The Real Deal reports that Stringer's office ran an audit of the DCAS and found that the agency "didn't have an accurate inventory list of available office space, didn't consistently follow protocols for space request evaluations, and doesn't know exactly how much property it manages."

"With space at such a premium, New Yorkers know you've got to account for every square inch of property in this City," said Stringer. "It's inconceivable that we can't accurately identify exactly what space we own and lease, but that's exactly what we discovered in our DCAS audit and it's an unconscionable failure."
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