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Meet Some of New York City's Ballsiest Urban Explorers

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It certainly takes guts to climb the Williamsburg Bridge, dangle your feet off the roof of the tallest apartment building in New York City, or hang out on subway tracks casually wielding a homemade flamethrower. But it takes an entirely different kind of guts to do all that while allowing yourself to be filmed for an urban exploration documentary short that will show your face, name, and Instagram handle. Don't these kids know that the police frown on this sort of thing? It seems like they should, particularly the two that gleefully brag about having once been arrested by "like thirty cops and a SWAT team." To be fair, though, the photos these urban explorers take are pretty amazing. Also, the 17-year-old who Instagrammed from the top of 432 Park Avenue explains his thought process a bit, which is fun: "Nothing about the building really specifically made me want to climb it. It was just tall, and it was there."
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