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Citi Bike Plans Improvements As 90-Station Expansion Looms

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From lawsuits to safety audits, Citi Bike hasn't had the easiest two years since the bike-share system launched in May of 2013. But its new chief Jay Walder—whom some may remember as the MTA chairman—reassured riders that positive changes are afoot. The network was out of commission over part of the weekend to prepare for software improvements that will ultimately result in proper real-time tracking of bikes and where they are docked. The revamped app will update every 10 seconds.

Another fix: tuning up the wheels themselves. Walder said 4,253 bikes out of the existing 6,000 have been spruced up mechanically, with new seats, pedals, and brakes. The remaining 1,750 or so are due to get upgrades by summer. Next, expansion. Long Island City, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bedford-Stuyvesant are set to get a total of 90 new stations, which will be in place sometime during the second half of the year. Now if only it would stop snowing.
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