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Here's Proof That Bushwick's CastleBraid Is Really a Commune

Bushwick's CastleBraid development has been derided by basically all of the Internet for pandering to a certain kind of Bushwick dweller, but it seems like residents of said Bushwick building DGAF. It's probably because, judging by activity on the development's private Facebook group, life at CastleBraid is life in a big, giving commune. Shared by Bushwick Daily, the development's 450-plus member private Facebook group acts as the locus for the trading of goods and services throughout said commune. In an affront to New Yorker neighbors citywide, it appears that CastleBraid residents actually know each others names and are eager—eager!—to help each other.

For instance, there's a "wine guy" who delivers $10 bottles upon request ↓

Not only that, but the Facebook group makes it seem like acts of kindness are repaid tenfold. Like in this exchange, wherein one resident puts out a call to borrow an electric mixer to make gluten-free pizza crust which results in a regular ol' boozy schmoozy get together darr;

Bushwick Daily also points out that the building's developer has been known to exchange decreased rent for artistic services. And this is at the development with amenities like a recording studio and a wood shop. As BD says, "CastleBraid reads like a great college campus brochure." Then why does everyone hate on it? Oh, right.
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