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For $8M, Live in Cobble Hill's 'Amity Street Horror'

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One third of Cobble Hill's so-called "Amity Street Horror" building is on the market for $7.95 million. The 5,000-square-foot townhouse inside the former LICH Beaux-Arts Lamm Institute is the second largest of the bunch and as of its listing, the most expensive. Prior, the priciest of the building's residences was the $7.795 million 6,621 4,600-plus-square-foot townhouse. What's even more depressing is that one of the building's townhouses was listed for just $3.85 million in 2012. The building underwent a Foster & Associates conversion to residential around 2011. The for-sale townhouse has lots of fancy appliances and a "children's library."

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110 Amity Street

110 Amity Street, Brooklyn, NY