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Cornerspotted: West Street and Chambers Street in 1936

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Berenice Abbott's photos are some of the most well-known images of New York City during the Depression, so it didn't take long for an Abbott expert, Curbed commenter adrastos, to unearth the location of this week's Cornerspotter: "Yay!! I found it. I knew by looking at this picture that it was a Berenice Abbott, so I went thru my 'Changing New York' book, and sure enough, there it was. Lower West Street nos 178 - 183." The photo dates to 1936, about 10 years before the elevated West Side Highway made its way to this stretch. The Museum of the City of New York says the rowhouses were located between Warren and Chambers Streets, a block that today is lined with glassy skyscrapers and the once cobblestone street is now six lanes of traffic.

UPDATE: As commenters pointed out, After the Fall also identified the location, and did so before adrastos, though adrastos won extra points for actually looking through Abbott's books.
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