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Citigroup Plans Glassy Makeover for New Greenwich Street HQ

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As part of the Great Midtown East Exodus, Citigroup is relocating its headquarters to 388 and 390 Greenwich Street, and Tribeca Citizen has the first look at how the financial giant plans to revamp the 1990s structures. A recent memo sent to Citigroup employees says that renovations have begun, and they will continue for the next five years. After the makeover, the buildings "will be closely integrated into one unified building" with "a town square connecting the buildings." The facade of 390 (the shorter, fatter building) will be wrapped with glass, and the base of 388 will get the same glassy skin. Designs for the interior are still being finalized, but there will be a new lobby and single main entrance, plus a cafeteria, fitness center, and roof terrace.

The roof terrace looks like it will be a pretty delightful space for employees, and Tribeca Citizen wishes that some of that landscaping budget would have gone toward improving the public plaza along Greenwich Street in front of the buildings. Click through for a few more renderings:
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