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Chelsea Duplex Designed for the Modern Hobbit Still Available

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Colin and Pamela Rath never managed to build their bizarre alien pod at 123 West 15th Street, but they are responsible for three units in the neighboring 121 West 15th Street, one of which looks like what would happen if Bilbo Baggins purchased a Manhattan duplex and then renovated it while under the effects of MDMA. That apartment is, shockingly, not having an easy time selling. It hit the market last June asking $4.15 million and was just relisted for $3.5 million, a 16 percent pricechop. In designing the apartment, the Raths eschewed things like non-curving walls and, arguably, taste to create a home that is, at the very least, definitely unique. Now all they need is a Flintstone descendant to fall in love with the place and take it off their hands.

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