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Pre-Conversion, Mysterious Bowery Mansion Seeks Retailers

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The 72-room "Bohemian dream house" at the corner of Bowery and Spring, which photographer Jay Maisel bought for $102,000 in 1966 and then just sold to developer Aby Rosen for $55 million, is inching towards its future as condos (or a hotel) or something much fancier than its old, graffitied self.

Here's another sign: EVG posted an advertisement that appeared in the Post yesterday, which shows a cleaned-up rendering of the mansion—which first served as a Germania Bank branch after it was built in 1898—and exhorts retail tenants to consider the that will apparently be available within the month. Rosen's RFR Realty also has an official listing up for the space. It has a lot of floorplans for every floor, which is all well and good, especially for shops that care about the street level, but please, tell us what's fill up that L-shaped thing up top.

As per the listing:

The limestone building is 6 stories, with a basement and roof terrace. Floors measure approximately 6,260 SF each and have 11-foot ceiling heights. The ground and second floors have 18-foot ceiling heights and are ideal for retail use. The total square footage of the entire building? 37,000 square feet.

And while before last month, the only peek inside the fortress came via a 2008 New York magazine story, here's a video that reveals some of 190 Bowery's preserved spaces.

[190 Bowery from Digital Destinations on Vimeo.]

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190 Bowery

190 Bowery, New York, NY 10012