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East Village 'Frat House' Is Back, Now Wants $10,800/Month

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The most East Village-y of all East Village new construction, a six-bedroom self-described "frat house," is back on the market, EV Grieve reports, after first appearing around nine months ago. The new listing, which has reduced the asking price by $700 to $10,800/month, has also toned down the rhetoric (the rhetoric consisted of the words "EAST VILLAGE FRAT HOUSE !!!!!" in a Craigslist ad) and now includes pictures. The apartments has made headlines before not just for the over-the-top Craigslist listing, but for living up to that promise and infuriating the neighbors with loud rooftop parties that reportedly included a DJ. (A lawyer for Icon Realty told the Post that parties past 10 p.m., loud music, consumption of alcohol, barbecuing and smoking on the roof were prohibited, and that he wasn't aware of any complaints.)

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