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The Floorplan for 520 Park's $130 Million Triplex, Unveiled

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Two mega-expensive condo towers on "Billionaire's Row" are neck-and-neck in the race to reveal all their secrets expensive innards. Today, 220 Central Park South unveiled pricing and floorplans, and now 6sqft has the same intel for 520 Park Avenue. They're both designed by limestone-living Robert A.M. Stern—hence they look somewhat similar—and both have apartments that are going to be among the priciest in the city. While 220 Central Park South may have a penthouse that costs as much as $170 million, 520 Park's topper, a triplex penthouse totaling 12,398 square feet, will ask a mere (by comparison) $130 million. At one point long, long ago—err, September—that apartment was going to be New York's most expensive ever. Now the penthouse atop the to-be-converted Sony Building has taken the title, with a planned ask of $150M. But 520 Park will still be a blockbuster, to be sure, with only 31 units that will have combined asking prices of a whopping $1.2 billion.

The teaser site calls the apartments at 520 Park "3-8 bedroom mansions in the sky." The offering plan, filed with the Attorney General's office and scoured by 6sqft, backs up the hyperbole. Full-floor four-bedroom apartments of 4,613 square feet take up floors 14 through 20, with asks that will range from $16.2 million to almost $18 million. Very slightly larger apartments on the 21st through 36th stories start at 18.4M and go up to $36.35M.

The cheapest apartment, though, is unit 5B, a 2BR/2BA totaling 1,244 square feet... and set to ask $4,354,000. To reiterate: cheapest. And it will belong to the building's resident manager, so it's basically already taken. That means the least expensive units are really more than $16M, which is kind of mind-blowing.

Above that, seven duplex penthouses (6BR/7.5BA, with oval entrance galleries and curving staircases) will cost $67 million to $83 million, and then the crowning glory, the triplex with its eight bedrooms, nine full baths, and two half baths, comes out to an eye-popping $10,489 per foot.

The offering plan shows that the fourth and fifth floors contain suites, likely for guests or staff, that range from 387 to 421 square feet and cost anywhere from $1.45M to $1.575M. And then storage units range from $55,000 for 26 square feet to $95,000 for 46 square feet. (That's a steal compared with the storage units at 220 Central Park South, where the cheapest is 44 square feet for $111,000.)

As a refresher, here are all the renderings we have so far for 520 Park Avenue. Let it all sink in now.

Head over to 6sqft for more floorplans and the full price list.
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