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Woolworth Building Condos Aim to Break Downtown Record

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The two units (currently under construction) that make up the 29th floor of the Woolworth Building are going to be listed for a combined $51.35 million, the Journal reports. Presumably the units would be combined in that case; they can also be purchased separately for $28.75 million and $22.6 million. If someone coughs up the full $51.35 million ask, the massive 11,450-square-foot apartment would technically break the Downtown condo record, beating out the Walker Tower penthouse that sold for $50.9 million last January. The true record-holder, though, would still be the One Madison-topping quadplex that Rupert Murdoch spent $57.25 million to assemble. But one of the levels, meant for guests, isn't connected to the other three, so it doesn't count.

In total, the section of the Woolworth Building that is being converted to condos will include 34 units, priced from $3.4 million for a one-bedroom to $110 million for the mind-boggling seven-level penthouse (which, obviously, will also compete for the Downtown record.
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