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Supermodel Karlie Kloss May Lose Her West Village Co-op

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The brokerbabble for 8 Charles Lane, the $59 million West Village development site that's being marketed as the perfect place for a giant single family mansion, leaves out a key detail: the block-through property currently holds a 12-unit co-op building, 151 Charles Street. The building's residents, who include Taylor Swift's bestie supermodel Karlie Kloss, would have to be bought out. Kloss paid $1.975 million for her unit in 2012, so as the Daily News points out, she stands to make a nice chunk of change with any buyout.

The two-story building was constructed in the late 1970s, and with its balconies and patios, it looks more like an apartment building one would find in Florida, not Manhattan. The units are all multi-level homes; Kloss's features two bedrooms, a den, and an open living room. If she gets kicked to the curb before finding a new place, at least she has a bedroom at Taylor's apartment.

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