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Check Out the Loew's Wonder Theaters of Old New York

All things considered, it's a pretty good time to be a ruined movie theater in this city (well, maybe not that great). So why not celebrate by checking out this half-hour doc on the history of New York's glorious old movie palaces?

The program was produced by NYCMedia for their always-solid Blueprint series, and specifically focuses on the five Loew's "Wonder Theaters" in the New York area, so-called due to their opulence and Hollywood grandeur. These included the Kings, the Valencia, the Palace, the Paradise, and the Jersey. In addition to exploring the birth and death of the movie palace as an institution, the program also delves deep into the fascinating restoration process of Flatbush's Kings Theatre. Watching the decrepit cinema transform and shine once again will surely warm the heart of even the coldest cynic.

If only some of our city's smaller, less aesthetically appealing theaters got the same love . . .
· Inside Video Look at the 5 NYC Loews Wonder Theatres: Kings Theatre, Valencia, United Palace, Paradise, Jersey [UTC]