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Pitch Ideas For New 'Hood Names; Transportation Landmarks

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NEW YORK CITY—One of the oldest tricks in the real estate agent's handbook, especially in New York City, is renaming segments of neighborhoods in an attempt to make an area sound more desirable or hip (ex: NoHa, BoCoCa, Heights Park). For a little bit of fun, SpareRoom is recreating Curbed's 2005 'Hoodwinked contest—ever heard of the reigning champ, RAMBO?—and calling for new neighborhood name suggestions. Got something in mind? Drop it in the comments and make sure to comment on SpareRoom's site too. [SpareRoom; previously]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN—On March 14, an exhibit celebrating the city's largely unknown transportation landmarks will open at the New York Transit Museum. The exhibit will focus on transportation landmarks and their rescue and rehabilitation. An AfterHours presentation on March 24 will feature MTA Project Administrator Hollie Wells and Historic Preservationist Sara McIvor discussing preservation efforts in their work. The exhibit will run through November 1. [Official; previously]