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Very Square Eight-Unit Building Set to Rise on Lorimer Street

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ODA is deviating from its preferred stack o' boxes design with this small building at 630 Lorimer Street, but they still keeping things weird. Brownstoner spotted this rendering for an eight-unit building on the construction fence at the site, and suffice it to say, this will not be a totally bland addition to the Williamsburg streetscape. The building appears to sit back behind a large concrete (?) screen with punched-out squares, through which a green wall and balconies are visible.

Plans were originally filed for the property back in 2006, but nothing ever happened. Permits show that ODA recently replaced architect George Caliendo as the architect of record, and Brownstoner report that work is now progressing on the foundation. The sign on the fence said that work would be complete by December 2015, but that seems optimistic, even if the building is only four stories.
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