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This Brooklyn House Looks Like a Crime Scene, and It's $1.5M

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Yes, this Park Slope kitchen is downright chills-inducing. The rust? The bottle of cleanser because who knows what just transpired here? The wrench? The rest of the two-story abomination house isn't much better, with gloomy, deteriorating rooms that would fit right in as the backdrop for some Law & Order episode or handheld-camera scary movie. The house of horrors is currently split into two full-floor two-bedroom apartments, with a basement, and it wants a whopping $1.495 million. Unless the buyers have some sort of real-estate life-support machine, it's probably going to be a teardown—especially because zoning allows for a building almost twice its size. Which is just fine, since who would miss the cheap-looking white-and-lime-green facade? While it's not murderous like the interiors, the only disturbing thing is how unattractive it is.

· 558 Sixth Avenue [Century 21 via StreetEasy]