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Lawsuit-Plagued 'Taxi of Tomorrow' Is Delayed Yet Again

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For the one-billionth time, the Taxi of Tomorrow is delayed in court, yet again. The new fleet—made up of the widely-loathed Nissan NV200 van—was supposed to roll out this month, but yesterday, a decision by the Court of Appeals will drag out litigation brought by the Greater New York Taxi Association. The Times reports that the decision continues to halt the Taxi and Limousine Commission's plan to get the vans on the street. The TLC had decided that after April 20, most cab owners would have to switch to the NV200 when they retire their cars.

The vehicle was originally supposed to make up the entire fleet of taxis, but the Times says that it will now amount to about 80 percent. The agreement has been changed to allowed cab owners to buy hybrid or handicap-accessible cabs—two things that the NV200 is not. About 700 'Taxis of Tomorrow' are already on the road, and maybe someday, there will be more. Hopefully, this delay gives them time to sort out that whole exploding glass sunroof situation.
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