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Fascinating Village Co-op Full of Earthly Treasures Asks $12M

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Let's clear the air: there's a lot of stuff in this apartment that isn't in most apartments, and it's all fascinating. From the numerous petrified wood rings to the geodes to the odd but amazing mushroom-shaped piece of wood in the living area, browsing the decor of this atypical West Village pad is about as close as one can get to skimming the Hall of Minerals and Gems at the Natural History Museum while still being parked on the couch. The apartment itself isn't half bad either—there's even a room on its floorplan labeled "castle" that's near the incongruous acrobat rings, all of which goes to prove that this Jane Street apartment is just a magical place. The full-floor collectors haven at the corner of Greenwich Street is asking $12 million.

The building at 68 Jane Street is also home to actor Willem Dafoe, who lives in the building's penthouse, and was formerly home to late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman who shared an apartment with his ex-wife. She appears to still live in the building.
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