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Dumbo's So Popular It Needs Help Maintaining Its 'Cool Vibe'

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If you thought the transformation of Dumbo into expensive residential and arts haven had already apexed, think again. According to the Wall Street Journal, it's just kicking into high gear and is endangering the Brooklyn waterfront neighborhood's lauded cultural resources. "Various players invested in the area say they are doing their best to help maintain the neighborhood's cool vibe at a time when has declared it the city's most in-demand area for both buyers and renters," the Journal writes.

Efforts to maintain the neighborhood's "cool vibe" can be seen in the new development One John Street, which has partnered with the Brooklyn Children's Museum to bring niche programming to toddlers be supportive of the endeavor. And then there's the Two Trees-owned 111 Front Street, where the building's gallery tenants will be moving to street-level storefronts to make them more accessible while also freeing up lots of commercial space in the building. Bear in mind that Two Trees—whose principals are more or less credited with "creating" Dumbo—also just cancelled the outrageously popular Dumbo Arts Festival because it was attracting more people than the neighborhood could accommodate. Ah yes, Dumbo, that quaint bastion of arts on the rise. [Image via Flickr / Aleks Ivic.]
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