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'Is Brooklyn Really That Bad?': What People Google About NYC

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A satirical website called Brooklyn Really launched recently. While trying to Google it and find out more, I stumbled across the ridiculous things those internet overlords believe most people search for via its autocomplete function. Typing B-r-o-o-k-l-y-n r-e-a-l-l-y into the search bar led to the suggestions screenshotted above: "Is Brooklyn really dangerous?" and "Is Brooklyn really that bad?" Ouch!

Next I tried a simple "Is Brooklyn..."

This led me to believe that a) the masses don't understand geography one bit and b) they care about traffic problems.

Moving on to Manhattan, hordes of Googlers are again concerned with its geographical status as an island, and also if it resembles the best worst TV show about the Upper East Side ever created.

Next, Queens. No, not that Queen. Or that one.

Aha, at least in one case, regarding the evolution of Queens into some less trendy version of Brooklyn, people who Google are on trend.

Searches for the Bronx related to safety, which makes sense given its global reputation but is rather sad.

On the more positive side, people also care about whether the Bronx Zoo is open, and free on Wednesdays. The answer? Yes!

Last but not least, Staten Island. Geographical confusion persists.

Avid searchers care about transportation—in this case, the ferry—and whether it's really part of New York City. We had our doubts, too! (Kidding.)

Does anyone else have hilarious Google autocomplete results to share? Let us know in the comments.