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Where Is Anthony Bourdain's 100,000-Square-Foot Food Hall?

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There's a real estate mystery haunting the city right now, so the time is ripe to crowdsource. Celebrity chef superstar (and Upper East Side homeowner) Anthony Bourdain is opening a mega food hall somewhere in New York City—and by mega, it's going to be 100,000 square feet. For some perspective, that means Bourdain Market will be twice as big as Eataly, more then three times bigger than the newly opened 30,000-square-foot Le District at Brookfield Place (RIP World Financial Center), and 10 times bigger than Gotham West Market. Sister site Eater NY reports that the location will be unveiled in a few weeks. But in the meantime, the question is where in the five boroughs did Bourdain find this kind of massive commercial space?

Here's what we know so far about Bourdain Market.

1) The food hall's design, courtesy Roman and Williams, will be inspired by Blade Runner. (The husband-and-wife design duo posted the image above on their Instagram feed.) The industrial lighting, the arched ceilings, the metal columns... might they be clues?

2) In addition to 100 vendors—Singaporean hawker center-style—Bourdain Market will also include a farmers market, an oyster bar, a bakery and a pastry shop, a butcher shop, a tea shop, a tapas bar, and a rooftop beer bar.

3) The latest reports have it opening in early 2016.

4) The whole project will cost more than $20 or $30 million. It's unclear if that includes rent, but Bourdain's business partner said, "There were more people willing to finance it than we need."

Speculation has buzzed around 3 World Trade Center. If though the office tower won't be complete till 2018, the retail podium will be done sooner. Other massive commercial spaces coming to market include Hudson Yards, but is completion too far away for Bourdain Market's timeline? Another possibility: some large, formerly industrial space along the West Side Highway. Or will Bourdain eschew Manhattan altogether for the likes of, say, Industry City in Sunset Park?

Leave your best guess about the food hall's planned location in the comments. Feel free to drop us a line at if you want to share intel off the blog; anonymity guaranteed.
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