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East Village Studio's Living Room Bathtub 'Not Super Private'

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Where to start with this East Village studio? Maybe with its built-in single bed frame surrounded by artsy ceramic tiles, or maybe with its "imported Siberian wood floors?" Or how about with its joint bathtub and shower, which is as much a focal point in the apartment as its kitchen? According to the brokerbabble for the $4,000/month rental on East 10th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A, the bathtub is "out in the open so you can bathe while looking out at the oak tree in the back and a fire in the fireplace" and so everyone with a view into the apartment can look at you looking at those things. In case there was any question, the bathroom situation is "not super private," (though it's much nicer than this scary studio with a shower in the kitchen) but someone out there doesn't really care—the place is in contract.

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