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Yet Another Rent-Stablized Tenant Sued for Using Airbnb

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In what is becoming a familiar storyline, another rent-stabilized tenant was sued for illegally renting out his apartment on a nightly basis. But this story will likely be even more infuriating to affordable housing advocates, as the tenant, William Terry Krueger, is a 20-year veteran of the investment banking industry and co-founder of the firm Nova Capital Partners. In other words, it doesn't exactly sound like he's hurting for money (let alone someone who needs a regulated apartment). But that's not the focus of the lawsuit, which is solely about Krueger's illegal Airbnb activity. Krueger and the other tenant of record, Adrienne Kennedy, listed their loft at 118-120 Duane Street for $290 to $450 per night. A precedent has already been set for evicting rent-stabilized tenants who break short term rental laws, so things do not look good for Krueger.
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