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Co-Op Owner Wants $680,000 or Exclusive Elevator Use, Please

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A makeshift Soho hallway is the crux of this week's frivolous lawsuit. It all began when a new co-op owner at 33 Greene Street demanded his third-floor neighbor fork over $680,000, or grant him exclusive floor access to the building's elevator, NYDN reports. Mood Fabrics owner Eric Sauma wants to tear down a wall erected by his third floor neighbor, music manager bigwig Wendy Laister, that allows her shared access to the building's elevator. The wall was erected by Laister and her mother—who formerly owned Sauma's apartment—in the '90s with the co-op board's approval, Laister claims. The hallway allows both apartments to access the elevator; without the wall, the elevator would open exclusively into Sauma's apartment. Laister is now suing Sauma over the six-figure demand.

Sauma's defense hinges on the argument that the hallway formerly belonged to his apartment's floorspace. Laister objects on the grounds that Sauma understood what he was buying before shelling out $4.25 million to the senior Laister last August. Laister is currently trying to unload her apartment for $6.25 million.