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Tour 60 Water, Dumbo's New Mass of Un-Dumbo-Like Rentals

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All photos by Will Femia.
All photos by Will Femia.

The enormous Two Trees-developed, Ismael Leyva- and LEESER Architect-designed 60 Water Street (nee Dock Street Dumbo) rose quickly once it got started, angering some neighbors in the process, and since it started leasing in February 40 percent of the apartments have been rented. Of the 290 apartments in the building, which rises 17 stories in one section and nine in the other, 58 (20 percent) are affordable, and the affordable units are spread throughout the building (there's even one on the top floor) with the same finishes, and nothing distinguishing them from the market-rate units.

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60 Water Street

60 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201