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The Architectural Inspiration Behind the New School's Rebranding

The New School, the 104-year-old New York City institution focused on offering an progressive, design-inspired education, already has a rather ambiguous name. Combined with the fact that the university is actually composed of five sub-schools (e.g. the renowned Parsons School of Design and the Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts) and it's suddenly clear why the school recently unveiled a new "visual identity," crafted by graphic designer Paula Scher from the international design studio Pentagram. At the center of the school's new look is Neue, an algorithm-based typeface that highlights the design-centric spirit of the school and its flexible, ever-evolving nature. Incorporating three different widths, the letters can be customized for each sub-school while maintaining a coherent institution-wide aesthetic. And as it turns out, the new typeface that's now all over the street signage and interior walls on campus takes a page or two from the existing architecture, including the striking brass and glass University Center building designed by Skidmore Owings & Merrill and opened in January 2014.

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