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NYC's Tallest Ferris Wheel Plans May Be Squashed by Dubai's

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Construction hasn't even started yet, and New York's planned Ferris wheel for the north shore of Staten Island is already grappling with delays. Dubbed the New York Wheel, the megaproject is slated to rise 630 feet tall, besting the current largest wheel in the world, which is Las Vegas's 550-foot High Roller. But the New York Wheel's groundbreaking postponement offers a nice little loophole for the Dubai Eye—a 690-foot goliath that workers started building a week ago—to get ahead in the race to be the biggest. Mashable details that arms entertainment race, pointing out that the same engineering firm basically does every major Ferris wheel in the entire world, including New York's and Dubai's.

From the promotional video voiceover: "Introducing the Dubai Eye, the largest, most luxurious, most advanced observation wheel in the world," which will be able to hold 1,400 people at once.

Details about New York's contender—which will also have a massive outlet mall beside it, near the Staten Island ferry terminal—compiled by Mashable:

After it opens in the second quarter of 2017, the New York Wheel estimates it will host 3.5 million riders each year, with a likely ticket price of $35 for the 38-minute ride. The $500-million project will include state-of-the-art technology in the climate-controlled cabins, permanent bar cars, a 20-seat dining car, and a nightly light show with its $7.5-million LED lights. The adjacent complex will offer a 4D ride, a beer garden, an amphitheater and a hotel. Naming rights haven't yet been sold, but they are up for grabs, company officials have said. Meanwhile, the New York Wheel will break ground any day now. Let's get a move on.
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