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Rothschild Scion's Bachelor Pad Townhouse Wants $17.5M

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Nat Rothschild, a financier and scion of the wealthy and powerful Rothschild family, has put his West Village townhouse on the market for $17.5 million. The house is notable for being one of the fanciest bachelor pads in New York City—Rothschild has it designed as a four-story one-bedroom. "A lot of people when they're doing their houses, they're too obsessed with taste, what other people will think," the house's architect, David Chipperfield, told Men's Vogue. "Nat couldn't care less about all that." Reportedly, he didn't even want a kitchen and Chipperfield had to convince him to be allowed to put one in. They eventually compromised, sticking it in the basement.

· Listing: 8 Saint Lukes Place [Elliman, via Streeteasy]