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World's First Baccarat Hotel Is Dripping With Crystal, Naturally

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Three years after its initial conception as Midtown's Dark Crystal, the Baccarat Hotel is finally open and accepting guests on West 53rd Street. (The remaining condos in the tower above are on the market, seeking buyers.) Naturally, the glitzy, glittery space named after the top-shelf crystal brand is chock-full of the stuff, with chandeliers galore. HotelChatter took a tour, and the hotel's official website offers a host of glimpses inside. Not only is the lobby wall lined with 1,800 glasses, each one of the 114 guest rooms has a different glass outside, enclosed in a display case. Room rates start at $729 per night, but a quick search for weeknights in June result in one suite that costs $18,875/night.

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